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Now with the new "Click" system.

Welcome to "Spectacle Hearing Systems". Spectacles and hearing instruments are worn above the ear. Can the two devices be combined, so making the spectacles into a single vision and hearing system?

The answer is "La Belle". Discreetly integrated and beautifully finished spectacle hearing aid. As the position of your spectacles on your head is something you are already used to, the hearing system is quickly forgotton.

The result is a unique hearing system which is individually fitted to your own spectacles, exclusive and comfortable to wear, making it agreeably different from other hearing systems.

The "la belle" is manufactured in Germany by Bruckhoff hannover who for many years have been setting the standard in hearing loss solutions, both technically and in terms of comfort and good design. We are delighted as an authorised supplier to be able to offer this unique, high quality, made in Germany product to the UK market.

air conduction hearing glasses

"Reciever in the ear" hearing system